Renee Foxxx Hair


Our Bali extensions are imported straight from Indonesia and ethically sourced. Every bundle is single drawn so there are less ratios of shorter length hairs and more longer length for a natural thick finish.  Hair is cut from a single donor. Our Bali blends effortlessly with  natural or relaxed hair.



  • Lengths 12"-28"
  • Each bundle is 3.5 oz
  • Can be bleached, dyed or colored
  • Single Drawn
  • Seamless blend.

Hair Care Instructions:

1. Gently brush the hair before washing. Start from the ends to the root.

2. Shampoo  hair extensions using a moisture rich shampoo (Joico Moisture Line is recommended)

3. Use moisturizing shampoo and saturate it in the hair.

4. Rinse thoroughly, do not rub or twist the hair.

5. Fill the bowl or wash area with water and immerse conditioned hair in lukewarm warm for 20mins.

6. Rinse hair very  thoroughly.

7. Using a towel, gently press on hair to absorb excess moisture. Do not rub the hair with towel, only lightly blot hair extensions to remove excess water & hang to air dry. 

8. After hair has dried, use your a light oil to seal and protect the ends.

9. Style as desired.

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