Hi!, My name is Senquetta, but you can call me Foxxx! I'm the founder and owner of Renee Foxxx Hair. I grew up in Columbia, SC with big dreams and bigger goals.

My infatuation with beauty industry began at an early age. I put relaxer in my hair at age five, after seeing my mom do it. Although I vowed at a young age I would never do hair because it was a "girl" thing. When I was in high school and I had a hair mishap with a stylist in JC Penny, that caused my hair to fall out , I began exploring options of different types and styles of hair extensions. A couple of years after that I found myself in cosmetology school and have now been doing hair for 11 years. Remembering like it was yesterday, the countless amount of times that I wore extensions and wigs that just didn’t execute well. Endowed with the belief that everyone deserves to feel beautiful, it became my life’s mission to discover a hair quality that would go above and beyond to work undemanding for everyone, of all backgrounds and lifestyles.

Guided by integrity, passion and humility, I consistently look for ways to improve and simply be the best that I can be. Thank you for trusting Renee Foxxx Hair. We don’t take
our responsibility to provide you with ethically sourced, authentic top quality hair lightly or as a game.

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Website: www.reneefoxxxhair.com
Instagram: @reneefoxhair