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What is Raw Hair? Is it right for me?

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What is Raw Hair?
Raw hair is unprocessed, 100% human hair. Unprocessed means the hair has not undergone ANY chemical, heat or other processing. Raw hair is the purest and most natural form of hair available on the market. Raw hair is great in that the quality is top notch and can literally last you years.


Donors are primarily located in Vietnam, Cambodia, India and Myanmar. Raw hair is normally available in three textures: Straight, Wavy and Curly. It is less silky and more coarse in texture compared to virgin hair. Dealing with raw hair, no two bundles are the same nor are the textures the same.

What types of Raw Hair are there?

Cambodian: Full, with body and also available in curlier textures. 

Indian: Most popular among our clientele because of the ease to blend. Also sometimes available in a natural brown.

Vietnamese: Known for bone straight texture and silky, sleek looks.

Myanmar: Most known for curlier textures and its ability to blend with more natural textures.

We all know and understand Raw Hair is an investment. Shorter bundles can start at $150 and up, and the price can continue to rise depending on the vendor.  The hair requires maintenance. With proper care, it can last you up to five years and can be easily used for sew ins, wigs, and clip-in extensions.

Raw Hair can also be limited in supply compared to Virgin, which is always available in excess. 


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