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How To Get A Super Flat Install With Renee Foxxx Hair

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  1. The Inspiration: The best installs happen when you have a vision in mind and can execute it. Pinterest and Instagram are great places to use photos as a guideline of a potential style. 
  • Do you want small swoops or something more dramatic? Side part or middle part? When you can analyze what you like about a photo, it’s easier to share the vision with your stylist or DIY the style yourself. So, your first step to getting your ideal install is having a vision of how you want it to look. Visit our Instagram page (@reneefoxhair)  and Facebook account for inspired looks and styles to try on your hair. Once you have your inspiration photo, let’s get the hair prepared.
2. The preparation: You need quality hair to get a quality install. You can snag any of our collections. We recommend starting with our Lace frontal for a guaranteed flat install. What we love about this product is low maintenance and protective for our edges.
  • For my wig slayers: Our lace frontal has less density and tends to look more natural when installed. We also offer swiss lace which is unclockable! Our customers love this lace as it is the thinnest and easiest to blend in with your skin. 
  • For my Bundles Babes: If you’re installing bundles and frontals: HD frontals is the best choice.

3. The Install: Small, neat braids for the win! If you plan on installing a wig or bundles for a traditional sew-in, small braids are needed. You will also need to be aware of the style you plan to execute so pull up your inspo picture and make sure your braid pattern matches your intended style. If you are getting your hair done by a stylist, they will already know the best braid pattern to give you a seamless install

  1. Wig cap method
  2. Glue-less Method

4. The Customization: If you plan on purchasing a wig, you can choose to customize your lace by adding lace tint spray to match your skin. While our lace is durable and easy to work with, using tint spray will take your look to the next level.

5.The Magic Happens: Using a Hot Comb/Flat iron combo works like a charm when mastering the “grown out of your scalp look”...a.k.a flat install. Whether you’re purchasing a straight texture or a texture with a curl, using a hot comb to lay the lace at the “root” will give you a flat look

  • If you have any flyaways, an edge control stick will slick those tiny hairs down. Use a tension band to secure your lace wig and create a seamless install. Use the elastic band method if you prefer a more flexible install that allows you to take on and off your wigs with ease. 

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